My Plan

High Point’s challenges are great, and the time has come for large-scale solutions to secure our city’s future for ourselves and our children. In response, I advocate the development of a 20-year Comprehensive Strategic Plan to guide High Point into the future. My plan will include:

  1. Cutting taxes by reducing the size and cost of city government. No Tax Increases: I DID NOT, and WILL NOT vote to raise your property taxes. I voted against the 2013 city budget – one of only 2 who did so - because it included a $5 garbage fee without an offsetting reduction in the property tax. The 2014 city budget cut the property tax rate by one cent.
  2. Comprehensive Economic Development including:
    • Rediscovery of High Point’s roots as a leader in innovation and entrepreneurship
    • Aggressive Recruitment of new companies to increase our tax base and provide new jobs for our citizens
    • Small Business Initiative to assist new and existing small businesses
    • Streamline the development approval process
    • Guiding future investments in infrastructure based on a focused vision
    • Aggressively promoting redevelopment of our core city
    • Addition of quality of life amenities to make High Point a more desirable place to live
  3. A new Development Ordinance that will promote growth and efficient use of taxpayer dollars.
  4. Continued support for and partnership with High Point University as it grows into a major economic and cultural force in our city.
  5. Keeping the High Point Market strong while improving the market experience for our out-of-town guests.
  6. Preserving parks and green space to make our city healthy and beautiful.